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    / 2019-08-18   次瀏覽




      提示詞語: three years, memories, one of, one day, think, happy/ sorry


      How time flies! I have studied in my school for three years. And I will graduate from middle school in a month. I am eager to share my happiness and sadness with you.

      I had so many memories in three years’ life. One of them impressed me very much. I still remember, when I began to learn English, I found it too difficult. No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t do well in it and almost gave it up. As soon as my English teacher found my problem, she had a talk with me about how to learn English well. Since then, she has kept helping me. Little by little, I’ve become interested in English and I’m good at it. I think I am so lucky to become one of her students. I’ve learned a lot from her.

      I will try to help others when they are in trouble. I think it is a happy thing to help others.